Jul 31, 2017


We didn't have a vacation last year because we had spent all our money on the house. By the end of the year we were so tired and frustrated that we promised we'll never let that happen again.
So this year we went on our well-deserved vacation. It was the best one yet – fun, relaxing, interesting... We went to Tenerife. The flight was a little longer than my back can take, but it was worth it. We rented a car and saw most of the island, we lied in the sun, swam in the ocean (actually I mostly floated, I’m not much of a swimmer), we went whale watching, enjoyed great food and just hoped time stood still. It was perfect.
I don’t have a camera; I only took photos with my phone, so don’t expect much.
Traveling is probably the best thing you can spend your money on. That and ice-cream, of course. :)